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Ben’s KLCC was launched April 15th 2011 and is modelled after a Manhattan townhouse. The menu concentrates on international cuisine, ranging from refreshing appetisers and yummy salads to hearty East and West main courses, delicious snacks and luscious desserts.

Coffee is sourced from Melbourne’s famed Market Lane roastery while teas are selected from T2. An extensive cocktail and mocktail list featuring lots of fresh ingredients, and a short but well thought out winelist complete the menu.

Ben’s is café that entices people to visit with their families, friends and colleagues, sharing good food and precious moments; building dining rituals.

Music: 11am-6pm upbeat chillout and lounge tunes, i.e. Zero 7, Jamiroquai

6pm onwards, classic jazz- Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Johnny Hartman


First Level
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Phone 03-2163-1655