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Inspired by the concept : food benefits skin as well as health, SKINFOOD was established in 2004 with the slogan "delicious cosmetics made from delicious food ingredients". We at SKINFOOD always look for skin-friendly food to provide cosmetics that fit the needs of customers who pursue quality of life : both physical and spiritual wellness. Since ancient times, the secrects of beauty hidden in food, ingredients are shared by word of mouth : "Rice is an excellent skin brightening agent". "Black sugar is an excellent exfoliant". "Cucumber hydrates skin". "Pumpkin nourishes skin". SKINFOOD has scientifically studied and proven these amazing secrects for your health and beauty.SKINFOOD objective is to deliver the benefits of skin, from head to toe depending on the ingredients and benefits, appropriate to each skin type. Facial mask with a scoop packaged in an ice cream carton. Cleansing foam packaged in a mayonnaise bottle. Appetite-inhibiting lip balm. Sweet potato foundation with asponge. Pomegranate shampoo. These are just few examples from over 1,000 kinds of our products made from healthy skin affinitive food ingredients.

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