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PETROSAINS is an interactive Science Discovery Centre that presents a story of science and technology of the petroleum industry in a fun way. The concept and content not only revolve specifically around petroleum science, but also embrace all other aspects of general sciences.

At PETROSAINS, we aspire to enlighten visitors on the involvement of Malaysia in the petroleum industry. PETROSAINS aims to be a seeding platform for stimulating interest in Science and Technology. It is also about creating more awareness of exciting career opportunities in the petroleum industry.

We are globally connected through active participation in professional networks such as the Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology (ASPAC) , Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) and European Collaborative for Science Industry and Technology Exhibitions (ECSITE).

PETROSAINS is designed as a modern museum that allows visitors to interact with the exhibits on display. A visit begins with a fascinating ride and then proceeds in a linear sequence through 7,000 square metres of exhibit area featuring interactive exhibits, fun activities and displays. The front-line personnel act as guides, presenters and demonstrators as well as facilitators to ensure that visitors' enjoyment and learning experience are maximised.

For more information call: (603) - 2331 8181

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